= the open online catalogue raisonne

This is the motto of And that sums up all our efforts.
  • Yet another platform ? is not another platform to sell works of art, we have no claim to be THE gallery / Internet platform and to charge commissions for sales. No.
    This platform comes to help the artist , to make life easier. For the artist. is free, as far as possible it will remain free . There may be some services that cost money, but it will be because they cost me money. And for the record: I'm not a millionaire.
    I initially created this platform just to make catalogues, but it turns out to be so useful that I can offer the artist some more tools and utilities ...
  • what is ? is an archive of all aspects of the artist's trajectory:
    Works, biography, exhibitions, publications, galleries, customers, the market ...
    This part is finished ... (it may not be completely finished, but with your help I will make an asymptotic approach to perfection)
  • And what will it be ?

    In the not too distant future (in THIS galaxy) there will be a series of utilities for the daily management, for the real life of an artist:
    - price lists, with images.
    - preparation of exhibitions , with delivery notes (with images) and prices.
    - deposit control .
    - a simple interface to offer your works to the sale .
    If yes, I will also help you sell ... but I won't charge commission!
    - search for works , to avoid duplication when creating the catalogue of works and to facilitate the identification of works.
    > with a photo, also from the mobile phone, indicates which is his work in question (with some probability)
  • what to do ?

    All this requires a lot of work.
    The effort to enter data, images, measurements, titles, images,  Prices, names of people and galleries, remembering exhibitions, dates and publications ...

    For what?

    The answer is very easy, but it is not the same for all artists.
  • Reasons to use for a living artists.

    Why enter all the data here, when you already have your own website or Instagram / FB / any account?

  • (1) Optimize

    Want to sell more? Then you need to be found.
    To do this we optimize the presentation of your data to be found .
    . The best possible way.
  • (2) all can be re-used

    Unlike everyone else, we share what you collect (if you give permission to do so). We will provide you with tools to include your data on your website!
    You update your biography on, it will be shown updated immediately on your website!

  • (3) It's free !

    If you are young, you need to take advantage of all the (free) resources on the net to get the interweb focus, which means: the greater the presence, the better.
    Our platform is totally optimized, free and there are links to social networks.

  • (4) Nothing lost anymore

    If you are no longer so young, before misplacing or forgetting the data, it is better to put them here. Searching for data takes a lot of time and effort. Here they are easily retrieved and not lost. If you are asked for the umpteenth time the updated biography, here it will be.  The list of exhibitions, idem. Bibliography, all ready. 

  • (5) international approach

    If you do not speak foreign languages: everything except titles and free texts/descriptions is automatically translated into five languages. Did anyone ask for the list of exhibitions in English? No problem. French? idem. Russian? ... will come someday.

  • (6) we understand laziness

    If you are lazy: after entering all the data (yes, I know. But to save efforts, you must first invest), queries can be redirected to Everything is there , let them download it themselves.

  • (7) instant catalogues

    If you are a Picasso or of a similar level, it means you have made it ! Everyone will want to help you create catalogs.
    At some point, every artist wants to create a catalog, but maybe has no purchasing power to do so. In, you enter all the data, and you can create a catalogue raisonné. With one click. With Enrique Brinkmann we already did so and published already 3 volumes.

  • Reasons to use for dead artists.

    Does anyone want to make a catalogue raisonné of an artist and needs to immerse themselves in all his documentation?  

    The problems I have come across with Enrique Brinkmann's catalogue is that there are no efficient tools for data collection. Duplicates are constantly created. File versions. Maintaining different image files of different quality. One gets lost looking for ...

    And none of the tools help to find errors.

    I provide checklists for checking the quality of the data, precisely to help enter data, to verify and review them. All you need to work comfortably !

  • Who can sign up?

    Basically any artist (or the heirs). Only that the registration process is a little slower due to legal caution, not anyone can post images of artwork of another artist on the internet. Therefore we must make assurance and verify the identity before giving permission to enter data. You must also sign the legal conditions, as we put the means and you are responsible (and rightful owner) of your data. So that there are no complications.
  • I already have a list of works in {EXCEL/WORD/DATABASE/...}. Does it help me?

    As long as it's structured data, we can import it. Explain your case, we'll look at it.